Apple’s App Store Gains Another Negative Review From Telegram’s CEO After Update Gets Stuck

Things aren’t looking too great for Apple’s App Store after another complaint was filed. And this time around, it was by none other than the CEO of Telegram.

The controversies seem to be coming at alarming speeds and CEO Pavel Durov was in no mood of joking around this time.

According to him, the next app update is literally hanging thanks to the App Store. And yes, in case you’re wondering, he did manage to file a complaint. But according to him, no point as it’s been nearly 14 days and there is yet to be any response.

Durov revealed the extreme frustration of getting zero feedback and no justified explanation of what was going on.

The news was revealed across the Telegram channel, no surprises there. Here, Durov shed light on how discouraging the entire ordeal has turned out to be as this isn’t the first time that his company is suffering.

“We often end up delaying our new versions or can’t even distribute them when we like because of the review process that has been imposed across all of our mobile applications”- he mentioned. In addition to that, we saw him speak about Apple, not by name but with the terms tech monopoly.

Durov was particularly upset this time because he felt the new update for Telegram was definitely something that the company was looking forward to. It is related to people expressing themselves in a new way through text but the fact that it’s now stuck with Apple’s review team, with zero progress in the last two weeks, the matter is deeply concerning.

This complaint is definitely not the first one that we’re hearing about against tech giant Apple. It’s actually really very similar to what a number of small developers continually face on a routine basis. And often, the reason is absolutely nothing.

It’s just in Apple’s nature to take extra long to get things approved in terms of apps on their store. Moreover, it also ends up putting the delay blame on how a certain product failed to meet the store’s policies, but in most cases, that’s not the case.

But Telegram’s CEO refused to stop there. He said that the app is literally one of the top ten most popular platforms around the world and if it’s getting this sort of treatment, you can only imagine how much the rest would suffer.

Durov added that the ordeal is not only super demoralizing for obvious reasons but it’s not fair that so many people need to incur losses thanks to their behavior.

There was also some emphasis placed on the 30% tax added by both Apple as well as Google. They take this money from so many developers and claim these funds are likely to be for all the resources they use when reviewing the apps.

Apple is definitely not hearing such complaints for the first time. It has even been sued by names like Epic Games and so many more.

But the tech giant claims it is working on making things better. Moreover, the company stresses the importance of having a single centralized store because it feels people can trust it more.

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