Google’s workspace is going to update users about incompatible Microsoft Office features to save end users from compatibility headaches

Google announces enhanced notifications of files incompatible with Microsoft Office as most consumers use MS Office editing tools to combine with Office files in Google workspace, including Sheets, Docs, etc. So, Google is working hard to let users be warned of compatibility details and know about Office features that are lacking.

In a recent update, the company modifies notification displays when editing documents in a Microsoft-formatted file. When you open Google Docs, you usually see a blue box on the top next to the file title with ‘’.DOCX’’. The display of DOCX shows you’re using an MS Office file. So, if the opened file utilizes Office editing mode with the features that Google Docs does not comply with, then Google will display a small three-cornered (triangle) warning sign within that blue DOCX box. When you tap on the triangle, it will show you any compatibility issues. Moreover, Google Docs will continue to show the file, even if some formatting is unintentionally lost. Docs warn if you make any sort of changes or edit and save it, those incompatible features could be dropped entirely.

In addition, Google Docs will let you review and restore the accidental changes in your spreadsheet or file. For that, you need to tap on the ‘File ‘option just below the file’s name and click on version history to restore the previous copy. The new features, Version history and Restore, will allow you to undo changes and revert to the older file.

New notification options and warning signs are for all Google workspace apps, including Slides, Sheets, etc. Office editing alerts are ON by default and will be seen when admins, legacy G Suite Basic users, and Workspace users open MS Office-formatted files. Starting from today, get ready for the worldwide rollout of these updates. The feature visibility is expected to be available for everyone over the coming days.

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