iPad Sales Are Exceeding Analyst Expectations As Demand For Tablets Grow In The Market

A new report by the IDC is highlighting the increase in demand for tablets. Figures showed how sales were at an all-time high, reaching a staggering 41 million units in the second quarter of 2022.

And when you compare these findings with results from the previous year, well, that’s about a 0.15% year-on-year increase.

This data is definitely not what expert analysts were expecting but the IDC reveals how it’s mostly related to promotional sales. At the same time, another leading cause had to do with education-related ordeals, which similarly boosted sales.

When it came down to leaders of the tablet market, the top position went to Apple’s iPad, which reigned supreme by miles in the tech world.

It’s definitely great to see such progress taking place for Apple because previously, the company had reported some troubling findings of sales dropping from 12.9 to about 12.6 million when compared to last year.

Yes, the decline in sales was definitely a serious concern for the tech giant but seeing this new result proves that it’s the ongoing global economic downturn that is to blame. Now, Apple stands proud as the tablet market leader with a 31% market share.

South Korean brand Samsung ranked second but it’s definitely trailing behind with a figure of 7.3 million units recorded for this year. The company also noted a huge drop in its market share this year.

It’s interesting to note how Amazon managed to note down a major 5.5 million growth in tablets this year, and that’s about a 13.5% increase in its share in the market. Meanwhile, Lenovo saw an even bigger drop in its sales from 4.6 million units, all the way down to 3.5 million.

The latest IDC report also took this chance to highlight a massive decrease in Chromebook sales. However, there was no overall disappointing performance put up by the Android market.

In fact, the report delineated how Android’s market share is accelerating, thanks to a long list of new market players in the tablet market today. A huge majority of the names hail from China, so no surprises there.

The new names including realme, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi really outperformed and surpassed experts’ predictions. Their success was definitely one of the many reasons why we saw the huge growth in Android’s performance for this quarter.

The same can’t be said for Google’s Chromebooks whose shipments decelerated by more than 50% this year during Q2. But this fall wasn’t a huge surprise. Many had expected it as the firm’s inventory undergoes a cleanup operation.

Meanwhile, this is accompanied by a loss in demand in today’s education sector. Still, the volume of shipments is rising above those observed during the era before the pandemic struck.

In this regard, it was Dell who led the pack, scoring sales of nearly 1.5 million, but closely trailing behind was HP, Acer, and Samsung. Among these, HP had the worst fall in sales which totaled to be 79%.

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