Research shows smartphone sales decreased by nine percent YOY in the second quarter of 2022, along with the economic crisis

A global market research firm, Counterpoint shares an overall decline in the mobile phone market in the current year. According to the research, there is a 300 million unit drop seen after the second quarter of 2020 when the pandemic adversely impacts every business worldwide.

The Russo-Ukraine war further causes detrimental effects on smartphone sales and has worsened the economic scenario. Despite these conditions, the number one selling smartphone brand appears to be Samsung, growing 8 percent yearly and increasing its market share up to 21 percent. At the same time, Apple’s shipment drops 5 percent YOY due to economic uncertainties, especially in China. Other brands such as OPPO and Vivo decreased by 15 and 22%, respectively. The Counterpoint’s Market monitor compares shipments occurring in 2021 and the first half of 2022. In the Q2 of 2021, Samsung shipments were 57.6, Apple’s 45.9, OPPO 33.6, and Vivo 32.5. The overall shipments were 323.1 million units, while in the Q3 of 2021, there was an 18 percent increase with 342 percent. In addition, in the Q4 of 2021, the total shipments noted were 371.4 million. While, in Q1 of 2022, the global smartphone market fell to 326.4 with 74.4 percent Samsung shipments, 59.0 percent Apple shipments, 30.9 and 25.4 percent OPPO and Vivo. Finally, in Q2 2022, the total number of smartphone shipments fell to an all-time low of 294.5 million units.

According to Counterpoint Research, the Chinese mobile phone brands (Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO) sales dropped due to recurrent lockdowns in China. Analysts say China’s market record is low in almost a decade. However, HONOR and Huawei are strengthening and trying to recover from the loss. Harmeet Walia, Counterpoint’s analyst, says apart from top-five smartphone shipments, HONOR beats other brands and jumps up from 8th to 6th with 79 percent growth in the second quarter of 2022. Brands like TECHNO and Infninx are also the leading ones with 2 percent and 6 percent shipment growth, respectively.

In the middle of the economic and geopolitical climate, the smartphone market sees an all-time low shipment globally. We don’t know when it will recover and when the international political and economic crisis will be resolved.

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