As Per Reports Data protection is a major issue regardless of Gender

It has always been declared that data protection awareness is a matter subject to the gender gap. However, recent surveys beg to differ.

A recent survey by Incogni, a data company, showed the levels to which both men and women are aware of their data privacy awareness. Among the 2310 participants surveyed, it turned out that men and women do differ based on their awareness, however, it is only by a small degree. It turned out that both genders lack all the basic knowledge needed to protect their data.

It was proven that women have lower access to awareness resources hence they know less about VPNs, private browsing, or even ad blockers. Women generally were found to be a little slow with technology.

When comparing if the people are aware of their data being stolen online, half the women were not aware. As for men, only one-third of them were unaware. Another topic explored was data brokers. About what they are and how they handle data. Only 30% of women were aware of this while 40% of men were too.

When comparing the answers about the awareness of data protection help, or what people can do to protect their data, 80% of the women did not know what to do. The margin between men and women regarding this wasn’t huge either since 70% of the men were unaware as well.

As a solution, company leaders are looking to provide more opportunities and advocate the importance of learning about cyber security at a very young age. Although they focus more on women, we believe both genders are given equal opportunities and knowledge.

However, we do admit women need it more at this time since women are being continuously tracked by big names and prosecutors to stop abortion plans. The data being looked into includes search history, app usage, and similar items.

For now, people are resorting to data brokers and having their data removed by calling the companies. However, this isn't such a common practice either with few people aware that they can do this.

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