Instagram CEO Highlights Control Features That Better Customize What Users See On The App

After suffering major backlash from what many felt was a total disaster on Instagram’s part in copying TikTok’s outlook, Adam Mosseri is back to make more amendments.

The Instagram CEO was recently caught mentioning during his video message how the platform was doing everything possible to try and make users’ experience of the app a more likable and customized affair.

Many complained that Instagram’s exclusiveness lay in its images and not Reels but the app’s CEO begged to differ as stats proved otherwise. He mentioned how the ongoing experiment was just a trial to see user feedback but also stressed how Reels would continue to remain the highlight as that’s what is generating the most revenue for the platform.

Now, Mosseri is highlighting control features for users of the app as a means to better shape their overall Instagram experience. This way, he hoped users would be able to customize their feed according to what they’d like to see across the platform.

The controls included options like Snooze, Not Interested, Following Feed, and Favorites Feed.

This information was provided through Mosseri’s new status on Twitter, where he referred to the controls as hidden gems that many aren’t aware of.

Favorites and Following were launched in March and they allow users to see the content of those creators and contacts that they deem to be most important.

However, if there’s content that users see that they aren’t interested in or recommendations that simply don’t fit into their liking, well, there’s an easy way out to that too. Simply press on the three dots present on the top of the post and select not interested or snooze. The app would try its level best to not show such content to users again.

Mosseri hopes this would better shape users’ viewing experience while hoping to get more feedback on what other controls they’d like on their account.

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