In a recent interview, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says the Apple Watch Series 8 will significantly impact health and fitness industry

Before the official release of Apple’s iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8, Tim Cook talks about Apple’s innovation and most outstanding contribution to health.

In an interview with Popular Mechanics, Tim Cook said that the prime focus of Apple Inc. is to ensure privacy to its users and develop technology to provide ease to people, whether it is related to health and fitness or to offer next-level user experience with the operating system. While talking about Apple’s upcoming Watch, he explained the process of how they became advanced with time. At first, they initiated by incorporating a heart monitor inside the Watch that would note down the pulse rate. They got more advanced and put Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) determinants to detect electric impulses and heartbeat. And then excel in technology by putting electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG) to record signals indicating different heart conditions.

In a nutshell, he told how Apple has contributed to the well-being of human beings. For this purpose, the company has embedded different sensors in the Apple Watch. Along with that, they have also launched Apple Fitness plus, and in the future, they will also add a new sensor to detect thermal heat. The temperature sensor would specifically assist sportsmen and athletes so that they can instantly check their body temperature simply by wearing an Apple watch.

Furthermore, Tim Cook also discusses the role values play In our lives. He says that the company considers users’ privacy the most important human right. Education and accessibility also matter, and Apple cares about these values by trying to make its products accessible to everyone. They also prioritize differently-abled people who are blind or deaf by designing efficiently adaptable products. Moreover, Tim Cook also talks about Steve Jobs. He says Jobs would support Apple and they are constantly improving and becoming better. Further, he discusses the Self-repairing ability of the iPhone and its manufacturing parts.

Among the most anticipated features of the Apple Watch Series 8, an extreme sports version is going to have a bigger screen along with a metal casing. Diagonally, the display would be near to two inches, larger than the current Apple Watch Series 7. Besides this, the Apple watch would also contain sleep tracking, diabetes detection, and blood pressure detecting sensors as per The Wall Street Journal.

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