Apple Could Allow iPhone And iPad Users To Uninstall Its Wallet App In The Future

Apple Pay is a great app introduced by the company for iPhone and iPad users. It’s inbuilt into the system in a seamless manner. However, there is news that the tech giant could allow its users to delete the Wallet App in the future, reports 9to5Mac.

To be a little more specific, the firm could enable users to uninstall their Wallet app as a whole, as compared to only being allowed to hide the app from the home screen.

For those wondering, well, this Wallet application for Apple users currently does not enable both iOS and iPad users from getting rid of it through uninstallation. Yes, users may remove it from their main screen but it will continue to stay in its library. Now, the latest news is that things are changing.

The leading iPhone maker is on the journey to change as the system gets modified so that both iPhone and iPad devices can easily uninstall such applications. We know about the news thanks to a new iOS and iPad code for 16.1 that allows this deleting functionality.

But let’s not forget that directly uninstalling will result in a negative impact across major core functions. And no guesses here as to who will be the leading victim. It’s going to be Apple’s Pay platform. This works seamlessly with Apple’s Wallet to allow payments.

Users with iPhones are enabled to make quick payments by simply clicking on a particular POS device that this supports.

Hence, without the wallet app, users can no longer make similar purchases through this means. Simply, you’ll see the device throwing out notifications that entail, “Please download the app via the App Store!”

As of now, we’re not quite sure why Apple has given the decision a green light and what exactly its motive may be behind the move. But one thing is for sure. These are hints of how it might be making its way around the current EU legal protocols.

In May of this year, the European Union was seen criticizing the firm for limiting iPhone’s technology and restricting payments to its platforms.

Meanwhile, the EU continues to argue about how Apple has gone about monopolizing the core form of technology. Google does enable access to the world of NFC through Android devices. And incidentally, we’re seeing Apple Pay working across different browsers soon too.

The latter means users would be allowed to make payments via Apple Pay and not require the Wallet application.

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