New Warning Issued Against Google Chrome’s ‘Internet Download Manager’ Which Has Received 200,000+ Downloads

A popular Google Chrome extension called ‘Internet Download Manger’ is garnering researchers' attention as adware. And it’s shocking to see how it’s already received installations greater than 200,000.

We’ve been witnessing this particular extension sit on Chrome’s Web Store since 2019, as unveiled by users’ reviews linked to the feature.

BleepingComputer was quick to notice that while the extension managed to install authentic download managers, it did carry out some behavior that was certainly uncalled for.

This includes the likes of opening into spam-themed webpages, altering users’ search browsers by default, and even forcing popups onto screens so users could install more patches and related services.

BleepingComputer’s concerned readers saw how the dodgy extension from Chrome continually ran malicious websites by copying popular software out there today. And the media outlet noticed how their concerns were certainly justified.

The extension is definitely not innocent and is getting fame for all the wrong reasons. Imagine, 200,000 people and more are falling into the trap without realizing the adware is designed to cause harm.

We’re not saying there is no authentic version of the Internet Download Manager. For instance, that put forward by Tonec is doing great and has been given the legit clearance.

Tonec can be seen providing a number of extensions of the manager to various other browsers like Firefox and Chrome. But the media outlet claims the real one for Chrome from this company is dubbed, ‘IDM Integration’.

The company revealed in the form of a recent warning how IDM extensions on the Google Store are mostly fake and users should be wary before installing them.

On the other hand, the counterfeit one that a lot of users are installing is through a webpage named Puupnewsapp. It promises to make your internet speed nearly 500% faster. And that’s why its super software status is attracting the masses.

So many are led to believe that their downloads for entertainment sources like games, files, movies, and songs are going to take less time so what could be better?

Interestingly, the instructions that come by the side of the downloads are also quite intriguing and complex. It asks users to install a more executable version of the webpage via a ZIP file and they’re doing it.

Another point that really stood out to researchers is how the adware being installed across test environments changes the designated default browser too. Users will receive a lot of popups on their screens like links to third-party sites.

Better later than never, the dodgy extension is finally spotted and despite many claiming to have no issues after downloading it, experts warn that these are most likely fake reviews. They’re designed to motivate users into believing it’s completely safe.

This is not the first time that users from BleepingComputers have come on about rouge extensions seen on the Chrome Store. But clearly, this one is an eye-opener.

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