Google Is Planning To Add New Features For Gaming Enthusiasts On Its Search Engine

If you’re an avid fan of games and turn to Google for help when finding the best selection, well, there’s some more great news in store for you.

The search engine giant has some new features lined up in the pipeline that could revolutionize searches carried out for games.

Think along the lines of adding a new result that enables a launch across Cloud Gaming too. And by the looks of it, you’d be confused as to why it wasn’t applied sooner because that’s how seamless it appears right now.

So, what is the big news, and what can game lovers expect? Well, the platform hopes to include a new feature in its search bar whenever a search linked to a video game is conducted. This would entail a button of ‘Play’ that allows for a launch across any cloud game service that best suits your preference.

Yes, these features arise in the form of buttons that allow for the launch of games across different services such as Xbox, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and Nvidia GeForce.

One user by the name of Bryant Chappel is pretty amazed after being the first one to make the discovery of the feature across the Twitter app.

He says users would be required to log into every service through the search results. In case you are not, pressing the Play Button sends you directly to a different page to sign-up so you can continue.

As of now, the new features are yet to be availed by the majority in the search results. And that means Google is most likely carrying out specific tests for selective users. Hence, those who did manage to get a glimpse of the button features in the past may not be seeing them again right now. And that’s another hint of how the platform is altering access on an active basis.

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