Google Plans To Bring Multi-Device Connectivity For All Android Apps Soon

Search engine giant Google is all set to bring multi-device connectivity for all of its Android applications. The company made it very clear recently how it was trying to make things easier for its developers through this method.

The company is planning on providing developers with the necessary tools needed to achieve this and that means launching software development kits (SDK) that enable this functionality.

These tools are designed to make the apps play smoothly across a number of different devices and when that happens, it wants to expand to non-Android devices too like cars, TVs, tablets, and cellphones as well.

The SDK is designed to allow developers to do a number of things with their apps. This includes exploring any devices located nearby, creating secure connections, and hosting experiences for various apps across different devices.

As per Google’s recent announcement, the cross-device software development kits make use of wi-fi, ultra-wideband, and Bluetooth to deliver the best type of connectivity.

In case you’re on the lookout for more information, the company has described a long list of use cases regarding the launch on its documentation page. And by that, it appears there are plenty of scenarios where such things may come in handy.

For instance, you can have several users on a number of different devices select items from food menus whenever a food order is made. This saves you a lot of time and hassle linked to passing your phone in a room.

At the same time, it’s going to come in handy when users wish to switch between their laptops and tablet. If they happen to be writing an article, well, they can now continue from where they left off.

Similarly, another handy feature that we found was related to sharing map locations with the car’s navigation system.

In case you didn’t notice by now, the whole thing is very similar to the expansion of the good old Nearby Share. This is designed to allow Android users to switch files between different androids and also to Chromebooks.

In April, one social media enthusiast named Mishaal Rahman saw an update for Nearby Share. She was quick to spot it and that means files could be shared across various devices when you’re signed into your Google account.

During this year’s CES 2022, Google did mention how it would be bringing Nearby Share to Windows before the year ends.

For now, the SDK is available for developers in a preview version only. Also, it’s only designed to work on specific Android phones and tablets too, which will expand soon.

Google has been keen on extending its support to enable multi-device systems so both Android and non-Android users can benefit. This way, even iPhone users and Windows users can benefit.

As of now, there is no exact word on when this will take place. But the probability is that it’s going to take a while. After all the project is only in its early stages.

We feel it’s very interesting and we’re excited to see how developers integrate the new feature. Just the thought of using apps more conveniently has us swooning.

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