Google Is Experimenting With New Ways To Put Tweets On Display Within Its Search Results

Search engine giant Google is on the move and this time around, it's carrying out tests to help better display users’ tweets in its search results.

The company is experimenting with a functionality called ‘Popular on Twitter' which arises in the form of a panel. The goal here seems to be highlighting tweets that are not only trending but extremely relatable too when users ask queries.

Thanks to one expert in the SEO world, Shay Harel, we’re getting a visual explanation of how the feature could potentially work if and when it’s launched by the company.

The panel will pop up whenever there is a particular search that’s based on user location and their relevant questions across the search engine. This just adds a lot more insight for users in the form of trending tweets.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the tweets get included in search results for all types of celebs and various brands. Hence, we don’t see it as a major shift by any means in how the company would display results for relevant searches.

However, we won’t lie, it’s definitely very intriguing to see how the firm is using real-time information to get more of its users to engage with its results on the platform.

This is guaranteed to make the whole concept of tweets so much more important and relevant. Similarly, we see this as a process to better drive engagement from tweets for various search types.

Let’s take the example of travel brands who might wish to see how their accounts on Twitter are doing through this particular feature. This could be used to better gain insights about the response from users, how much engagement is being received, and what’s trending more.

Also, it’s a great way for certain Twitter handles to gain the boost they need by putting greater emphasis on their approach to the app.

We feel this can be a huge plus point as far as marketing is concerned. After all, the greater the number of places arising on the Google Search panel, the better the outcome of SEO activity on such Tweets.

It doesn’t matter if a brand’s audience users the Twitter app or not, we know they’re going to be using Google. Hence, getting on board with the right Tweet schedule related to user queries is just pure brilliance.

As of now, we’re not being provided with too much data on the news at this particular stage. But one thing is for sure, it’s going to be worth it when search activity gets monitored.

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