Twitter has developed a new feature that will enable users to add CTAs to your profiles

When the covid-19 pandemic hit two years ago many people became jobless due to their companies either going bankrupt or just ending. Either way, people lost jobs and looked to their talents to provide their livelihood. They began making and selling things using their talent to provide for themselves and their family. They used social media apps to advertise and sell their products. Noting this trend, most of the platforms made their versions of marketplaces and rolled out business accounts.

Now, coming back to the present, most of those platforms including Twitter are focusing on improving those marketplaces and are adding newer features to them, intending to make engagement easier for their users.

As seen in a screenshot posted by Nima Owji, Twitter is working on a spotlight option in profiles along with a custom link display where you can change your CTA. What is a CTA you might ask, well CTA stands for Call to action and that can be added to your profile? A CTA is something that can give a clear message or instruction to your followers or subscribers.

A CTA can be anything from booking an appointment or signing a petition. Well, now Twitter has given it is business users the option to add them to their profile. This new feature will let users raise more awareness and money for causes that they support.

Twitter has been working on professional profiles since April of last year, and selected users were chosen for the introductory beta program at first. Twitter made the option available to all brands and users in March of this year. With the professional profile came a lot of perks, firstly users were able to add a lot of things like location, business category, and contact info as well.

Moving on Twitter is also working on developing its shopping section too, with a shop option now taking its place within your Pro profile spotlights.

According to a screenshot posted by social media today, there is now the option of being a shopping manager, which will enable users to upload and manage their product display in alignment with the app display.

Twitter has always released great features in the past and we hope that this one will also do justice to the memoirs of the past.

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