Google Adds New Label To Assist Searchers In Finding Asian-Owned Businesses

Google is on a new mission to help its searchers find exactly what they’re looking for. And the latest attempt to do just that has come in the form of incorporating Asian labels into its Search Maps.

The company says the new initiative is done so searchers can find Asian-owned firms with ease. But it hopes to expand the move further and incorporate similar search labels for a number of other groups or communities.

We saw the leading search engine giant first introduce the concept of labels way back in 2018 when it chose to launch the concept of the tag for entities that happened to be owned by leading females.

This was closely followed by Google adding labels to differentiate various businesses that were under veteran ownership. These could be accessed across its Maps and Search so users could easily target and reach out to them.

Then in 2020, we saw Google unveil the concept of labels to focus on searches where users were keen on making purchases from different Black community ventures.

The following year, Google introduced tags for the Latino community, and shortly after that, we saw them highlighting firms belonging to the LGBTQ community.

And now, the latest label by the tech giant is targeting businesses owned by Asians. To be more prominent, Google hopes to include an icon comprising a flower that is orange and red toned with the label for easy differentiation.

Just like what we’ve been seeing in the past with other labels, searchers using the platform would be able to find any Asian products with ease, thanks to this decision via Google Maps.

In case you wish to have your venture become a part of the new project by Google’s tagging system, you can always make a business listing that’s verified for your enterprise by opting in. And in case you ever wish to remove it, well, simply opt-out at any given time.

The news of Google adding labels for Asian-owned firms comes at a time when we saw Yelp incorporating labels for various firms that were Asian-owned last year in April.

Google’s product manager announced the decision recently and also spoke about how the decision was taken to help support the Asian business community to grow and take advantage of digital skills.

Google also showed its support by declaring how it stands in solidarity with all those Asians that have been affected by target killings across the country. Similarly, it hopes to assist those who suffered great losses due to the pandemic.

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