Apple Has No Plans To Slow Down Its Advertising Expansion As Proven By The Company’s Hiring Trends

It was only last week that we witnessed the leading iPhone maker announce its decision to expand its Search Ads initiative across the App Store. This came simultaneously with ad placements in the same location.

Similarly, Apple can be seen placing more ads across various apps like its News, Stocks, and even its App Store too. Then came the introduction of ads throughout various live streams such as the recently projected Friday Night Baseball event through the good old Apple TV.

Let’s not forget to mention how Apple’s latest trends in hiring are depicting the same picture, showing how Apple has zero plans of slowing down.

Thanks to new reports from Digiday, there is plenty of news about Apple increasing hiring across its ads division, ever since the start of the year 2022. This is a significant increase from what we’ve witnessed in the previous years.

This can also be seen in the firm’s executive org chart. For those who aren’t aware, the tech giant unveiled how it has reserved a specially dedicated exec named Todd Teresi.

He will be handling all such affairs vigilantly and that means a greater emphasis on ad-linked initiatives in the company.

The most notable feature was delineated to be job listings coming into the spotlight by Apple, where the tech giant plans on bringing the greatest privacy-protected platform for users. This would be accompanied by sophisticated demands.

This is another way to claim that Apple is so keen on allowing advertisers to organize automation. It's like scaling up various campaigns that are affiliated with indicators, proving how well the firm is performing. This is obviously aided by the benefits linked to machine learning too.

Remember, the better structured and engineered the app becomes, the more keen advertisers will be to invest. And the higher the spending on such projects they’ll be willing to accept.

Other than that, we can see Apple’s demand side initiative assisting advertisers in matching their target audiences and respective demographics.

They can even experiment with different types of ad campaigns that have dynamic tests. These allow for the best optimization and spending surrounding such campaigns.

All of this is definitely going to come with great costs and hard work, not to mention extensive hours reserved for engineering purposes. But with the benefits as great as can be, it’s a calculated risk that many in the firm are willing to take.

Apple could soon be seen using it to power a number of diverse and exciting projects like NFL ticketing and other live streams through the MLB display ads.

We don't see that day being far from where Apple’s own ads break the barriers of the App Store and end up making their way to various other areas like the Maps feature or perhaps Spotlight.

It’s going to make head waves in streaming television as such content is getting plenty of applause. Remember, so many of the firm’s competitors like Disney Plus and even steaming champion Netflix are in the race.

Apple could be seen entering the race with perhaps enticing offers like lower prices just so it can compete in the same league as others.

In 2010, the company did also launch its banner ads across mobile devices so it’s not an entirely new facade. Hence, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the iPhone maker giving it another go, this time toward a bigger market so it can expand its revenue possibilities.

But this is definitely going to be a major challenge as the firm has received plenty of criticism for its ads in the past and continues to do so now. Let’s not forget the controversial Tracking Transparency for apps that have really benefited users but left apps like Facebook and Snap in the dark.

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