From Now On Google Lens Will Be Used On Google Images On The Web

On the Google Images Search Website, Google Lens has become the main searching tool on the desktop. It has already become a part of Android and Chrome and now Google Lens is a major help in searching for different images on Google Images. From now on, when you open the Google Images website (, you will be able to see Google Lens right above the regular search and voice search.

For anyone wondering, Google Lens is an app where you can search for different things on Google using pictures and videos. This feature helps when you do not know how to describe a thing in words.

Initially, this type of search had a camera button but now the space has been taken up by Google Lens. By using it, you can drag an image to the box in the middle of the web or you can also open your device files to search for a picture. This redesigning has caused a major difference between previous and latest Google Lens searches and by using it, you can search for whatever visuals you want.

Another way you can use it is by pasting the URL of the image. It will directly take you to the google lens web (

If you do not want to use this, you can also use the old google images web easily. All you have to do is search for the visuals you want on the search bar and it will take you to all possible options available. Visually similar images will also be presented before your eyes. Google Lens is Google's finest creation and it is good to see that Google hasn't left it alone and is prioritizing it just like other tools.

Google Lens on Google Images was being tested at the start of this year and it was about time that it officially became part of the web. Now, it is being widely used by many people. Just like chrome, you can right-click on the images and you will get the option to search images in Google, Android, Google Photos, menu, and share sheet.

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