FEC Gives Gmail Green Light To Stop Marking Election Campaign Emails As Spam

With the American midterm elections coming up this November, it looks like the digital world is making way for a bucket load of changes.

Recently, we heard of Twitter gearing up and polishing its efforts aimed to rid misinformation across its apps. Now, we’re listening to news about the FEC giving Gmail the authority to stop marking election campaign emails as spam.

We feel the news just might make Republicans feel all the more grateful as it could give them a better shot at marketing, not to mention the struggles they’re forced to deal with due to failing fundraising.

The approval came on Thursday when the FEC immediately said yes to Google’s proposal to help prevent emails from receiving spam marks.

The news about Google’s new plan was first revealed thanks to Axios last month. The deal was designed to target a number of candidates, committees belonging to political parties, and also leading members of political action groups.

This way, their emails would bypass the platform’s detection systems. In reality, Google didn’t really need approval from the FEC in this regard. But it did try its level best to play it safe. After all, who wants to risk breaching terms outlined by the FEC?

Hence, you can see the green light as a confirmation that things are definitely legal and Gmail is on the right track.

Meanwhile, as a few eyebrows were raised against Google’s move regarding how it could be unfair to allow such a ruling, well, the FEC had the right response prepared. They wanted to make sure people knew that they had a really hard time understanding how this could potentially provide a unique benefit for the respective political groups and committees involved.

Google made the decision to announce its plans for this particular matter after one study revealed how unfair it was to see Gmail flagging all campaign emails belonging to the Republicans as spam. And most of them were linked to the purpose of fundraising.

The decision was seen as a huge unfair moment as the same wasn’t done for Democrats and as you can expect, it really infuriated the Republican side.

After that, a private meeting was called which involved the CLO of Google, Kent Walker. He was invited to the discussion at Capitol Hill to shed light on what was going on.

Google has called this move a pilot decision and based on the results and feedback obtained, they hope to move forward with it.

But at that time, Google was seen battling out accusations made in the study by commenting on how the sample size obtained was just too small. Also, it failed to take into consideration any email tools used that had been given as a part of the service.

Whatever Google tried to say and prove, they just couldn’t manage to convince the Republicans and in the end, they had to give up. And the fact that another survey proved how the funding for the GOP dropped to new lows, it was time for Google to come up with answers or face the consequences.

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