YouTube Offers Users A More Optimized Experience With An ‘Explore’ Page For Its Podcasts

YouTube is on a mission of giving its subscribers and content creators a more optimized experience. And it’s kickstarting the initiative by launching podcasts as a simple ‘Explore’ page.

For those who may not be aware, the platform organically turned into the ideal location for podcasts. Be it listening, watching, or simply distributing content related to it, many viewers loved it. Therefore, it makes sense why Google has decided to hop on the optimized experience bandwagon in this regard.

Just a few months back in March, we saw the company come forward with its leaked presentation. This spoke about some major plans for a destination page on the platform with the following credentials:

Now, it’s live and running, getting attached via links to a new Explore Page. Right by its side, you’ll also find health, beauty, lifestyle, music, movies, shows, live gaming, fashion, and more. While the company says it first went live last month, it’s slowly but surely expanding to others.

We did check today and that’s when we found that not everyone has access to it but soon, it should be there.

The feature is present on both mobile and desktop versions of the app. And at this point in time, we can safely say it’s quite rudimentary.

You can see carousels that are expanded to feature a ‘show all’ option in case you wish to see all the popular episodes. There’s a tab for recommendations and even one for popular creators in the world of podcasts.

Throughout the page, you’ll find plenty of other links to popular subjects like sports, television, comedy, crime, music, and movies. And while browsing, you’ll find that you’re not really going through any optimized content.

But once you tap, it opens up a regular player for Android and the user won’t be forced into entering default by accessing the Listening Controls tab that is up for grabs for premium users.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of bigger buttons and handy shortcuts such as save, like, and adjustments for playback speed too.

With time, the app hopes to make the whole experience a lot more optimized with time. Many of us are definitely looking forward to seeing what YouTube Music will have to offer in this regard.

We see YouTube Podcasts being amalgamated into this, instead of being available for users as a separate entity. And we might be a little sad about that because we loved how convenient and efficient that used to be.

H/T: 9to5G

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