Apple Receives New Lawsuit By French App Developers Accusing The Firm Of Overcharging

Another day means another lawsuit in the tech world and this time it’s Apple Inc that’s being targeted by French app developers.

According to them, the iPhone maker is overcharging fees in its App Store, which they consider a huge violation of the current antitrust law in the US.

The app developers from France issued the class action lawsuit on Monday. Here, the plaintiffs were identified as Societe du Figaro, which is the brainchild behind the Figaro news app and a series of other leading social content providers in the country.

This complaint recently made its way to Oakland, California’s federal court where Apple was accused of abusing other stakeholders, thanks to its monopoly role in the market regarding app distribution.

It was delineated how Apple continues to have a firm grip on what apps can be displayed and what can’t, according to its own personal gains and at prices, it feels are right. Also, the fact that it only allows downloads through a single App store is clear of how dominating of a player it is for its own iOS devices.

As a result, the Cupertino firm has now been accused by the French app developers of overcharging and being super-competitive. The exact figure outlined recently was 30% and it’s been taking place for the last 14 years.

Let’s not forget the additional $100 fees being taken from respective app developers while battling innovation with the choice of consumers.

The French party says Apple’s behavior cannot be justified and nor can its dominating and super competitive behavior that manipulates others. They also called the tech giant out for doing everything in its power to get rid of the competition.

While Apple is yet to provide any comment against the bold accusations that have come forward, it’s going to be quite interesting to see how things roll out.

Here, the complaint is asking for quite a bit from Apple. This includes an investigation of its anti-competitive behavior while asking for triple charges in regard to the great damages linked to violating antitrust laws and those outlined in the state of California.

This case is very similar to that brought forward against Apple last year in August. This was for Apple’s smaller iOS developers, where a settlement had been reached of $100 million. They called out the firm for charging excessive amounts in terms of commissions.

H/T: Reuters

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