Pinterest Rolls Out New Shuffles App That Inspires People To Use Their Own Creativity

While most people turn to Pinterest for inspiration, the app is now turning the tables and asking users to make use of their own creativity.

The company was seen recently launching a new app for iOS users where they can tap deep down into their creative thinking tanks instead of relying on others.

It’s quite an interesting move as we all love Pinterest for being the go-to app for inspiration linked to design and shopping trends. All in all, this news is definitely a game changer for the platform and one that not too many saw coming.

With Shuffles, the company says users would be given the chance to come up with their set of collages while using images, cutouts, and animations. It’s based on an invite-only ordeal and that just goes to show how exclusive it is.

Hence, you’ll definitely need to get on board a wait-list after choosing to do so from the home screen.

As can be seen by the platform’s new description in the Apple App Store, users get the chance to come up with their fixed share of collages with Pinterest’s library. They can even go far by clicking pictures of objects that they wish to incorporate into their collage with the help of the app’s camera feature.

Apple iOS users can even use the innovative cutout ability to separate individual objects located in a picture with a simple tap of the button. This feature is also seen in the app.

These pictures can then be rotated, shuffled, and also resized across the screen, according to your preference. And in the end, your final creative result is shared with friends so they can collaborate, and you can post across different public groups to get fame for your creations.

Users can remix the actual product with some of their own, adding their own twist to it. Some ideas brought forward include room makeovers, mood boards, and also great wardrobe inspiration. The choice is all yours.

There was no announcement made about the app’s launching in a formal way by Pinterest but one spokesperson mentioned that it came into being thanks to its TwoTwenty project.

In the statement, they mentioned how Shuffles was produced by TwoTwenty and will function as a standalone feature. They called it their innovative program where users can share visual content with ease.

For now, the app was stated to be in its starting trial phase so we’re definitely going to be seeing plenty more changes and details before the final product comes. As of now, the firm is hush-hush regarding its future plans.

Pinterest has been working hard for a while now in terms of experimenting on its social networking platform to bring change and innovation, keeping in mind today’s user trends.

Today it’s not just a pinboard that garners attention due to its visual effects. Instead, it amalgamates all sorts of creative ordeals with e-commerce and live shopping too so users stay engaged.

We think it’s a smart move to introduce an app that isn’t just based on video like most other leading social media platforms out there.

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