Apple Ramps Up Its iPhone Production By Asking Suppliers To Make 90 Million iPhone 14 Devices

In the recent past, we’ve seen quite a few analysts discuss their reservations regarding the demand for iPhones, considering the global economic uncertainty.

But despite the rate of inflation boggling many of us down, leading iPhone maker Apple is in no mood of slowing down its production of iPhone 14 units.

A recent report by Bloomberg was seen shedding light on Apple’s decision to really ramp up the production of its devices. And by that, we mean requesting suppliers to produce at least 90 million units for iPhone 14.

Interestingly, Apple is staying true to its tradition of doing just that as last year, the company also asked its respective suppliers to produce the same number of units for the iPhone 13. So as you can see, nothing has really changed, other than the model of the device of course.

This is a clear indication of how Apple doesn’t see any demand for the iPhone 14 dropping this year, with great expectations for sales to match those observed in 2021.

In the years before 2021, Apple was seen ordering production of nearly 75 million units and with time, the production gradually increased. So it appears the tech giant doesn’t want to go backward.

As far as the rest of 2022 is concerned, Apple wishes to produce nearly 220 million units by the year-end.

Bloomberg mentioned in its recent reporting how Apple is relying greatly on its very influential clientele, not to mention the decrease in competition as worldwide electronics witness a massive downturn.

It’s shocking to say the least, as many tech giants including those linked to the smartphone market have predicted downward spiraling projections this year. But when it comes down to the famous Cupertino firm, it’s not slowing down one bit and has high hopes attached.

But if you managed to take a look at the earnings results produced by Apple during Q3, you would have noticed how the firm revealed that iPhone sales could be strong despite the growing economic downturn. After all, Apple does know more than most of us regarding whether or not the move would be a strong one or not.

As far as the latest iPhone 14 is concerned, well, it’s going to be launched this year in September. They are currently four different variants in the lineup. And the anticipation for the final reveal is very real.

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