Instagram Publishes New Review Showing How It Ranks Content For ‘Suggested Posts’

If you happen to be wondering how Instagram’s algorithm really works and why certain posts seem to be making it more on your feed than others, well, you’re in luck.

The popular social media app is sharing valuable insights with users that describe this, including ways to better optimize its approach to content on the app.

The new review was published by Instagram today, including complete know-how of how content gets ranked on the app and eventually gets shared as ‘Suggested Posts’.

In case you didn’t know, this has been a trending element recently, especially after many users were highly disappointed with the way their accounts were now behaving.

Many lashed out at CEO Adam Mosseri while others started a new petition that called for the app to revert back to itself and stop copying the likes of archrivals such as TikTok.

This was definitely a key focus that many had hoped for because seeing the AI tools at work is definitely a fascinating affair, even though it’s not considered to be everyone’s best friend these days.

Also, if you don’t see too many recommendations on your feed right now, well, let’s just say that enjoy while it lasts because Instagram is definitely going to be ramping that up soon.

For starters, the review comes to us from Instagram’s team of renowned engineers. They’ve shown us some key aims of what users can expect from the system.

Firstly, Instagram says that users do half the work for the rest of us by spending plenty of their time on the app. This crafts the ultimate feed for users, adding an array of recommendations based on the content they love.

Those who continually stay engaged through the app will carry on finding their best sources of interest. And yes, Instagram steps in to help fine-tune this degree of personalization a little bit.

Now, the problem lies in the simple fact that users actually want an automated system in the first place or not. Do we really need someone else to do the work for us? And most importantly, do humans really have to rely on AI features to gain better engagement?

Instagram has revealed that recommendations seen across the app continually fall into two separate categories. The first is related to Connected while the second has to do with Unconnected. And as you can guess, the latter is more related to Instagram’s systems finding things that best highlight users’ interests.

Obviously, the results are derived from the way users act on the app and the biggest ones of them all include liking and then following a particular post.

There’s another trick that Instagram uses to get the best engagement. That’s related to taking into consideration the things that are liked by those you follow. Remember, these little details have to do more with the exploration part of the app.

Meanwhile, in the home feed, things are more related to showing users content that they love to follow or have subscribed for. This way, the feed gets all the more familiar to them and they love it.

Now, Instagram says that the end goal is to make users feel like they’re at home when seeing their recommendations on the app. If done correctly, only things users like should appear across the app as suggestions.

Keeping that aside, the app is also focusing more on Video-based content like Reels because let’s face it, it’s getting the most views.

Instagram says its ranking models make sure content selected for users’ home feed is as similar to that which they love. The idea is to add that fresh feeling you get when seeing posts from people you love. This combined with great plenty of content styles really goes a long way.

The key point is that Instagram wants users to love the insight the app is providing them because it's based on their own actions.

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