Apple May Be Doing More Harm Than Good With Its Self-Repair Program As iFixit Says MacBooks Become Less Repairable

Apple launched a revolutionary way through which users could carry out self-service repairs. But now, a new publication by iFixit says that the decision to see the service expanding to Apple’s M1 MacBooks needs to be evaluated carefully.

According to them, Macbooks become less repairable, and just when you thought you were doing something great, you end up doing something worse.

For those who aren’t quite familiar with the concept, well, iFixit is all about providing repair manuals as well as genuine parts related to Apple devices. Moreover, you’ll find dozens of repair types to choose from.

Be it battery, memory, other hardware, trackpad, and so on- the list is endless for every model and Apple says there is more that will be coming soon. And we must say that it all sounded like a positive step in the right direction.

But iFixit isn’t very convinced. The firm feels the move isn’t designed for Macbooks which we find very interesting. At first, we saw the firm send out plenty of praises for the service manuals of M1 MacBooks. Now, they claim to have made a mistake and say they were taken for a spin.

“They really did have us convinced at first”- iFixit revealed but now, they feel users will soon need to replace batteries as they wear out with time. It’s a natural process and such changes can’t be avoided.

The task appears to be relatively simple, after all, it’s just a battery change but wait, there’s a catch. You can’t just replace the battery. You also need to find a replacement for the top case, battery, and keyboard too. As a whole, it’s the whole product that needs to be changed.

And as you can imagine, this does not come cheap. We’re talking estimates starting off at $500 and a really long process, comprising nearly 162 pages worth of steps, yikes!

With the negative news, there was positivity too. iFixit revealed how replacing a part of batteries would soon be launched in the future. And while they are yet to delineate any official date for the news, one thing is for sure. Users must take care while handling MacBook Pro devices.

After all, no one would ever want to waste $200 on battery replacement by Apple. Don’t you agree?

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