Android 13 Is Out And Its Automated System Will Wipe Your Clipboard Clean After A Certain Period Of Time

Android 13 is finally here and Google recently mentioned how it’s currently being rolled out on Pixel Phones. But the real news has to do with its new automated system that will wipe users’ clipboards clean with time.

The major change that some are speaking about after having the latest version of Android installed is definitely intriguing. It’s almost as if your clipboard was empty all along.

Google confirmed the news stating how after a certain amount of time has elapsed, perhaps 60 minutes or so, the clipboard appears brand new. And the justification behind the move is simple- it’s solely for privacy reasons.

See, when your clipboard is neat and clean, the chance of apps gaining access to your apps is so much less. This way, your private data is better protected, and any unwanted access attempts are denied.

This is especially true when users end up copying really sensitive data such as details linked to phone numbers, financial accounts, debit and credit cards, addresses, and more. This just lies on the clipboard as do other login credentials and can serve as a major threat with time.

We can well see this change coming at a time after Android 12 sent out alerts to users to inform them when any app was gaining access to their clipboards.

In case you happen to be wondering how long a particular clipboard actually keeps users’ content, well, it’s simple. Thanks to Dylan Roussel who managed to conduct some research on the subject, we’ve got our answer.

On average, it takes roughly an hour before the clipboard reacts and automatically cleans up its slate, making it appear brand new as the default activity.

But we do think there might be situations where things get out of hand and the move is referred to as frustrating. But as a whole, it’s very effective for privacy purposes.

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