WhatsApp Rolls Out A Brand New Windows App For Better Overall Performance

WhatsApp is really making some head waves in the digital world. The platform recently decided to launch a brand new app that’s been created using Windows technology, leaving aside the old norms of outdated Electron assistance that’s web-based.

The company has plenty of hopes attached to the new launch, adding how it has what it takes to provide users with the best overall performance. Hence, you can see this as a whole new app that’s redesigned using optimum standards.

In the past, the new application for Windows was seen as the classic beta app. But now, that’s not the case as it’s going to be available for all the users of the platform and not just the selected ones.

The news was detailed in a recent help center page by Whatsapp team. It detailed how the new application has come into play to replace the classic app for Windows desktop users. This way, we can see a thrilling new native experience across the board for all.

And the added benefit of the app being run in a native manner means we’re bound to see it working at a faster pace and in a more reliant manner.

But that’s not all! The new application has been highlighted as possessing a few other advantages when compared to its predecessor from the past. And we love the greatest one of them all, which enables users to send and even receive texts when their devices are offline.

What’s more? Well, the interface looks fresh and appealing at first glance as the layout is totally revamped to nail that crisp aura seen with the classic Windows appeal.

The company also mentioned how the near future looks brighter for Mac users who will also be able to behold the new version of the app via the same update.

Just last month, the platform publicly unveiled its first ever beta of the Mac application that’s created using Catalyst technology.

The idea is to allow developers to bring forward different iOS apps across and over to Mac. Now, the new app wouldn’t be placing all of its reliance on the web. Instead, we’ll be seeing it make the most of iOS WhatsApp as native APIs will get the attention they deserve.

This really helps in matters when users want to save up on battery life as the iOS version of the app is so much quicker and utilizes fewer resources. And similarly, it’s going to work even when the device is offline so that’s another plus.

If you happen to be eligible for the new Windows update, we suggest you don’t waste any more time and quickly get the app updated because this is definitely not worth missing out on.

So if you’ve got Windows 10, simply head on over to the Microsoft store as you can download it there too. But as you know, macOS users will need to wait a bit for the update to be rolled out. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, well, WhatsApp has some plans for a release of an iPad version too. So stay tuned!

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