Amazon Must Face has been taken to court by a lady living in Illinois

As the population and the riches of the people of a city rise, the number of people hungry for it also rises. There has been a disturbing rise in the number of people’s homes being robbed while they are off on vacation or just out of the house. This has led to people installing security cameras and doorbells that come with a camera that alerts their phone with the video of the person at their front door wherever the owner might be in the world.

The Amazon Must face is a doorbell that comes with a camera, night vision, and no distortion so that friends can easily be identified. It claims that it has violated an Illinois biometric law by supposedly collecting facial models of visitors with their Ring video doorbells, according to the ruling of a federal judge. The verdict which was announced Wednesday by U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour in Seattle sprouted from a class-action complaint which was brought in 2020 by an Illinois resident Michelle Wise.


Michelle Wise said that the company created, compiled and stored millions of face templates from the residents of Illinois, which resulted in a violation of a state privacy law that requires the companies to get written consent before collecting or storing any scans of facial geometry that could be used to find people.

Wise’s complaint stated that Amazon 2018 applied for a patent that would mix facial recognition technology with their ring doorbells

The facial tech of the doorbell that was described would allow the program installed into the doorbell to scan anyone who would pass the house for matches with photos of suspicious people that the homeowner uploaded and if matching would immediately be sent to the authorities.


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