Amazon’s Sustainability Report Shows The Carbon Intensity In Its Operations Surged By 18% In 2021

Amazon has always vowed to step forward and take stronger action against climate change. And that includes putting restrictions on its own company to help reduce its ever-growing carbon footprint.

Recently, the firm published its sustainability report that featured a few alarming findings. For starters, the carbon intensity in its operations managed to increase by a staggering 18% in the year 2021.

But the company began to justify the behavior by blaming the pandemic and how so many people were more driven to e-commerce or ordering online. Therefore, the extra burden from increased demand is what led to the rapid surge.

The report that was made public on Monday highlighted how Amazon produced nearly 72 million metric tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide last year. This was a huge increase from that seen in the previous year, and almost a staggering 40% rise from that observed in the year 2019.

But Amazon also revealed how its sales linked to these drastic carbon dioxide emissions declined by nearly 2%, marking this achievement as its third decline in a row.

The e-commerce sector really saw a major boom in sales when the pandemic struck. Reports proved how 2020 saw most US consumers shopping online and that accounted for more than half of the firm’s retail sales. And this further went on to move across the holiday season.

With increased demands came a quick decision-making process for brands like Amazon which started to scale its working strategy at a fast pace, where nearly 750,000 jobs were created globally. And that more than doubled the firm’s networking fulfillments.

Amazon released a public statement that outlined what changes it was forced to make under this banner. For starters, this went through a quick ramp-up in facilities that were dedicated to its customers as well as various cloud businesses.

Similarly, the firm working hard on upscaling the size of its transportation facilities too as it’s another integral part of its delivery process.

They also spoke of more sustainable options in this regard like switching over to electric vehicles, wind power, solar technology, and even different options for fuels too.

Amazon has also shed light on its goals for better sustainability and reducing climate change. This entails the firm’s Climate Pledge Fund which it co-founded in 2020. The massive $2 billion project hopes to get on board with carbon-free emissions by the year 2024.

In 2021, we saw Amazon putting great effort into providing support to 13 firms in different industries like farming, IT, aviation, packaging, and transport for the same cause.

Amazon says that while they do achieve success in limiting their carbon emissions in some places, in others, they’re still in the early phase of transformation. And let’s not forget them adding a special emphasis on how these changes can’t occur overnight. They require time and patience to really get on board with carbon savings.

Amazon is already under fire as a new investigative report proved how it only counted its carbon emissions for branded goods that only comprise a fraction of the sales it carries out online.

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