A New Microsoft Excel Function Is On Its Way That Will Help You Easily Insert Images In A Cell

Previously users had a lot of problems inserting images in the cells as they would tend to float on the cells, instead of fitting inside the cells. But now Microsoft has made it easier for the users of MS Excel by introducing a feature that will help them by directly inserting the images into the cell. You will be able to access this feature on preview versions of Excel on Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS.

This inserting images feature will bring a lot of change in the trajectory of Excel as now the users will be able to create tracking inventories, employee dashboards and will be able to build games and brackets. The image feature is just not about inserting the image in the cell, but you can also add alt text to the image. You can also customize the image according to your preferred height, length, and width.

If you want to use this feature all you have to do is type Image(link of source). You will get the image in the cell you have chosen. There are certain things you should know before you fully dive into using this feature. First thing is that if you are using an image source that does not provide authentication, the image will not be able to display. If you are continuously zooming in and out of the image, it can become out of shape. If you are changing your platforms, let's say from IOS to Windows, you may find that the image will not be fully available to you. These are the only things you should keep in mind while using the new Images feature.

If you still do not have this feature in your Excel, make sure the version of excel you are using is 2209 (build 15608.10000) on Windows, 16.65(build 22080701) on macOS, 16.0.15608.10000 on android and 2.65(build 22080701) on IOS. Microsoft also tends to release new features gradually over time to avoid any bugs. If you still do not have this feature, wait some days and you will probably get it. If not, then you should ask Microsoft via email.

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