Google Assistant is going to release the ‘Search this screen’ feature on Android soon

Just like Apple’s Siri, Google’s version of AI assistant has made phenomenal progress so far since its launch in 2016 and is undoubtedly the most up-to-date and active of the assistants out there. Google’s assistant is not only confined to its operating system but relatively accessible in a variety of home appliances, automobiles, speakers, etc.

The latest news around the corner is that there is a replacement in the existing Google Lens with a new feature called, ‘’Search this screen’’. A Reddit user revealed that a Lens screen search option is available on Pixel 6 Pro. To your knowledge, Google’s Assistant was initially rolled out on Pixel smartphones and Google Home. Then gradually, it was made accessible to android TV and Wear OS devices shortly.

However, it is essential to mention that the feature is not launched on all the devices at this time, and other Pixel phones are also not showing this. The worldwide rollout will take time, and we’ll be glad to update you soon.

As far as Search this screen feature is concerned, it will show consistently everywhere in all third-party apps or other platforms. Once you tap this button, it will start showing options like Translate, Search, Shopping, and so on. Compared to the currently available option, what’s on my screen does not appear whenever you open Google’s Assistant. Typically, it appears on Google Chrome and social media platforms such as Twitter (adjacent to option Read). The main difference between the existing one and the newly launched button is that it would let you capture the current screen irrespective of any application or context.

With this in mind, Search this Screen will appear in the similar Lens icon in Chrome and third-party apps. The current ‘’what’s on my screen’’ can’t be compatible while performing visual searches or optical character reader (OCR for short) for handy copying. Alternatively, you can choose to use Android’s Recents option depending on what you prefer accordingly.

Google Assistant is incredibly assisting the world at large. It understands you well and comprehends you innovatively and easily. This new feature is commendable as it is designed to boost Lens usage.

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