YouTube Introduces New Changes On The App For Creators Including A Safety Center And New Shopping Tab

For starters, YouTube (via its Creator Insider channel) provided an update for those recipients who applied for YouTube’s Shorts Fund in June. According to them, any creator who fulfilled the eligibility criteria was sent out notifications last week.

Next up, YouTube gave an update in regard to the launch of its Creator Safety Center Site. YouTube acknowledge how big of a risk it is for creators in today’s day and age, thanks to their very public presence.

Therefore, the platform plans on going the extra mile to make sure creators are well aware of proactive tools and steps required to combat any issues that they may be facing. Hence, to guarantee better safety online, the app launched a new online resource called Creator Safety.

This center can be seen as a webpage that’s centered around topics, information, and all sorts of resources that generally talk about safety online. However, they are specifically for those creators and content makers on the app.

Common topics that have been stressed include how users can protect themselves from online abuse, and how to combat issues like channel hijacking, and impersonations. Similarly, a list of proactive steps was also provided to help users protect their privacy online and which help organizations can be reached out to, in case there is any major crisis.

For the time being, YouTube says the new and helpful functionality is only available for content creators in the English language. However, it does have plans on expanding to other languages in the near future too.

Similarly, the platform does hope to collaborate with other regional organizations that are designed to help tackle such matters so YouTube can be a safe platform for all around the globe.

To gain access, creators can simply log into and click on the Creator Safety tab.

Last but not least, YouTube shared with its users an exciting launch pertaining to the renaming of its Merchandise under Monetization, in the Studio where users can click on the respective Shopping tab.

This new tab is being looked upon as the app as a new hub for all types of shopping features on YouTube. Therefore, all channels that have fulfilled the eligibility criteria in the past would be allowed to take part as before.

YouTube is asking its creators in particular, for feedback on the updates so it can better their user performance on the app in the near future.

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