Snapchat Wants To Provide More Support To Emerging Artists With The Launch Of Its ‘Sound Creator Fund’

Snapchat is on the lookout to providing support for a large number of music artists that it feels deserves more recognition. And that’s why the app is providing a platform where such talent can showcase their work and get rewarded at the same time.

The whole idea is to give a large group of creators a wonderful chance to receive fame through audio uploads that could soon be incorporated into their Snaps too.

We first saw the app launch the Sounds initiative in the year 2020 and that gives users of the platform the chance to incorporate music snippets into their posts.

Within the past two years, we’ve seen it expand the ordeal with time by including more audio tracks that are licensed, thanks to deals made with different record labels.

At the same time, the app is also giving solo artists the chance to flourish by uploading their music content through DistroKid. It’s just another great way to give people an avenue to develop more with their audiences while getting the great type of exposure that they require.

The new Sounds Fund is set to expand over this very idea, coupled with plenty of funding that’s again based on how many users get attracted to the feature.

There are grants that creators can get, going up to a staggering value of $100,000. This obviously is for those top Sound artists that provide the most on their content on the app.

The company has also outlined how Popular Sounds would get the chance to become included via the app’s Snapchat Lenses or even in the Spotlight. This way, they’re bound to get plenty of exposure to their target audience.

Ted Suh who happens to be the firm’s director of music, mentioned that emerging and solo artists are their main target and they want them to benefit the most from this new idea.

With the right type of funding and the best support from the creators involved, the whole idea is to make such hardworking talent feel empowered. Moreover, it’s just a dream that the app hopes to fulfill very soon.

Last year, we saw tech giant Meta release a similar initiative, having the same partners involved. Next, we have TikTok which also has a similar drive called SoundOn that promotes different performers to come forward and share their audio content on the app.

We feel the new Sound Fund is a great beginning but how successful it turns out to be, only time can tell.

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