YouTube Is Testing Out New Playlist Features Currently Only Accessible By Premium Members

YouTube is currently testing out new features via which users will be able to rearrange and edit their playlists with much more relative ease.

YouTube’s premium services, other than allowing users to download almost all videos offline, also give members the ability to test experimental features beforehand. Does this make me in any way want to invest in a YouTube Premium account? Not; it wasn’t a good idea when the platform was called YouTube Red, and it isn’t one today. Especially since I’m currently writing about said pay-walled experimental features without showing a nickel, so who got the short end of the stick there? I jest, of course, knock yourself out with the unlimited video downloads. At any rate, Premium is a perfect ecosystem for the platform to exercise recently released features, and test them out for bugs and kinks while simultaneously getting a read on audience reception. All subscribers are essentially just beta testers, and then they get their hands on really good features before the rest of the community does.

I’m going to be honest: I like this new feature. Playlists aren’t by any means difficult to edit and manage, but the task can be arduous at times. I would like to rapidly add, remove, and hide certain videos without going through the rigmarole of tapping at my screen for minutes (I know, it’s almost a non-issue). However, YouTube’s latest solution makes the entire process not just easier, but much more intuitive as well. Users can now add, remove, and hide videos from playlists by just swiping here and there. For instance, if a user suddenly encounters a video in the Recommended section that they’d like to see, all they have to do is swipe the video down to their playlist. One sweep and you’re done!

Likewise, deleting videos isn’t particularly difficult either: just swipe the video out of your collection in one fell swoop. Videos can also be hidden from your playlist (i.e. they won’t be played, but will still be a part of the list) by simply swiping left on the video.

A rather annoying part of playlist management is rearranging the order of videos since there’s no practical way of doing so without tiresome button mashing. With the new experiment feature, a user just has to hold down on the video, and then swipe it to whichever part of the playlist they’d like it to occupy. It’s honestly such a convenience, and I truly hope for the feature to be implemented soon.

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