Instagram Is Trying Out New Updates And The Users Are Expressing Mixed Responses About Them

Nowadays Instagram is jet-set on trying out new updates on the app that will make the user's overall experience more interesting. But that is not what most insta users think. For instance, Instagram was trying out an update that will enable the user to add notes to their direct messages inbox. The note shelf will be added to make users keep updated about their followers and friends easily. It is a twitter-like feature where people can write 60 characters at most and share it with their friends' DMS. Even though this feature looks pretty decent, users are not happy with it.

Many people think that this feature will increase spamming in their inbox and as a result, it will always be full. They will contaminate the feed if they ever get access to the message box and your overall Instagram experience will be ruined. But Instagram is just thinking about making its engagements more fun. Users are not quite happy and want Instagram to try some updates that will be more advantageous to users. Let's see what Instagram will do about this reaction of users. Chances are this notes update will not see the light of the day.

Another update that made users outraged was ads shown on Instagram profiles. That was a big no from users and this type of update will make users frustrated and irritated. You will be able to enable this feature from your profile's settings. Once the feature is enabled, Instagram users will start seeing ads on your profile. When the announcement was made by app researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi, users were not happy, to say the least.

It's good news that Instagram is just experimenting with these updates and people hope that the app will not add these features permanently or the consequences will be seen in the form of fewer engagements on the app. We can feel Instagram's concern to increase its user engagement due to its big competitors like tik tok but adding these senseless apps will do harm instead of good.

Instagram has a large number of users and the app should not be scared of some other app picking their usage data. It should just work on not making those experiments into permanent updates. Users will whine about these updates and as a result, Instagram will have to remove them. Other than that, everything is fine.

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