YouTube Finally Answers Its Most Frequently Asked Community Guideline Questions About Appeals

It’s myth-busting time and in case you’ve always held reservations about YouTube’s community guidelines, well, here’s your chance to gain some important insights about its appeals segment.

Believe it or not, appeals do exist and they are evaluated by the platform’s experts, depending on where you happen to be located. So that means there are plenty of people around the globe sitting and waiting to review your appeal on the app. And contrary to people's thinking, they're actual humans!

Next up, there are so many people who can’t help but wonder how a certain appeal gets answered so quickly. And you’ll be curious to learn how creators can hear back so quickly from the app’s representatives.

Well, the platform claims to take appeals very seriously and that’s why they make it a point to really solve an appeal as swiftly as possible so issues can be fixed at the nearest date.

Other than a great team of experts at your disposal, YouTube claims to have allocated the best resources scattered around the globe, each facilitating a specific time zone. Hence, no matter where you’re located, you’re going to get a quick reply.

These people are allotted a specific task to view a certain segment and then make a decision based on whether the judgment allotted previously was correct or not.

Next up, a lot of questions get asked about the content deletion and whether that can help in removing a strike for your channel on the platform. Well, we’re sad to break it to you but that’s not the way the app roles. Deleting an entire video or a portion of it won’t work. So the only way out is to appeal if you feel your content obeys the community guidelines allotted to each creator on day one of their joinings.

While the app does not allow edits on removed content, the company claims they’re working on bringing forward a number of changes that could allow something of the sort to take place in the near future.

A lot of YouTube creators ask if they’re allowed to appeal any particular community guideline lifetime warning. And you’ll be excited to know that the answer is yes. Hence, if you think the content you’ve published is in line with the guidelines, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and press the appeal button.

And if the appeal is granted, you’ll immediately see the warning getting removed from the channel.

Similarly, very often YouTube admin members get frequent questions about the number of times they’re allowed to send out an appeal for a restriction they’ve received on their content. And the answer is only one appeal can be allowed for a restriction.

Hence, if a content creator appeals on their restriction and it’s denied, well, you won’t be able to send out another appeal on the same rejection again as the decision is deemed to be final.

Last but not least, the hottest trending question has to do with users asking what exactly should a good appeal be made of. In other words, what can you add to your appeal to make it more successful?

Well, not too surprising is the answer given by experts. See, a good appeal or one that is most likely to be accepted has to do with content that’s best matched against the community guidelines of the app.

So creators who actually take out the time and effort to compare details of the community guidelines policy with their own video content are definitely the ones who will rise to the top. Also, it’s always recommended to add your feedback with the appeal by clicking on the option.

This really makes it easier for admin members to better their policy for creators in the future.

H/T: Creator Insider.

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