YouTube Announces New Updates To Help Limit The Spread Of Spam And Misuse On The App

YouTube is on a new mission to combat the increasingly difficult issues related to spam and misuse on its platform. Therefore, the company claims they’re introducing a range of new updates that could help in putting up a strong battle against such concerns.

This includes removing the popular hidden subscriber count feature and adding tools to conduct auto-moderation, amid stricter settings too.

For starters, the app previously allowed users to hide their subscriber counts and that was actually welcomed by some new creators who don’t exactly have the same fan base as some of their other partners in the same niche. Hence, a lot of people usually get turned off by a low subscriber count but that appears to be changing soon.

But in this case, YouTube plans on making the mega change of removing the hiding feature because it feels that it is commonly used by those channels that end up impersonating leading creators on the app.

With subscriber counts visible, it will now be so much easier to determine if the person making the comment is the real deal or just another impersonator whose trying to copy a leading YouTuber.

Hence, the app is really making it hard for a scammer to disguise their identity because they claim to have had enough in this regard. Therefore, we feel that it’s a great addition that enhances transparency and builds upon the app’s security too.

The social media giant has mentioned how the new update would come into effect as early as this month so we’ll be keeping our eyes open for that one.

On the other hand, YouTube says that it’s also enabling users with the ability to filter out their spam comments, thanks to the greater level of strictness seen on the app. This is all thanks to a brand new auto moderation tool.

To make use of the new feature, simply visit your channel’s settings option and check the box that states ‘increase your strictness’. This way, you’ll be able to detect inappropriate comments, junk, and spam so much more easily.

YouTube says it’s also planning on putting a limit on the number of special characters that could be used in a Channel’s name on the app. The reason being is simple- to prevent bad actors from impersonating leading content creators on the app.

A lot of the time, you’ll find special characters making it all the more difficult for so many people to tell the difference between a true account or one that’s fake. But worry no more because YouTube has handled this problem brilliantly we believe.

While some of these changes may appear to be on a small scale to some, we feel it’s a great start because the platform is dealing with tons of scams on a daily basis. Therefore, these steps are definitely a change in the right direction.

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