Young Kids Are Spending 91 Minutes A Day On TikTok, Confirms New Data

The world of social media is really impacting the lives of so many and kids are no exception.

A new study has gone as far as highlighting how much time younger audiences are spending on leading apps like TikTok and YouTube. And it’s safe to say that the findings are alarming.

The report also showed how TikTok has taken a leading edge over archrival YouTube in terms of the leading app that kids and teens spend the most time on for video content.

But this isn’t something new, explained experts. According to them, the findings are typical of a pattern that we’ve seen carry on since the year 2020.

This was the first time that the world witnessed TikTok beat YouTube in terms of viewership and engagement. On average, kids were spending as much as 85 minutes on TikTok while YouTube ranked second with 75 minutes.

Then as days passed by, we saw a mega change in the results, where younger audiences were witnessing around 91 minutes of TikTok in a day and just 56 minutes for YouTube. And these figures were not related to any particular nation, they were global results.

So where are these facts and figures coming from? Well, it’s all thanks to the leading software makers for parental control called Qustodio who aligned the results for TechCrunch recently.

They took into consideration an analysis that comprised around 400,000 families which were proven to have accounts linked to the software. And the company notes how these aren’t just estimates but real averages and hence can’t be taken lightly.

What’s important to understand here is that these are literally averages and hence not all kids are going to be seated to watch 90 minutes of shows on these apps. Hence, we need to realize that the whole purpose of this report is to make users realize that trends are changing.

There will be some days when users watch more online content than others. Similarly, there will be days when the younger lot are going to be altering their preference for apps.

In terms of the big picture, it’s important to realize that YouTube should be concerned that its popularity stands in the face of a constant threat by another leading app- TikTok. Moreover, the future generation who seem to be no longer interested in YouTube, Generation Alpha, and Generation Z, make up a huge part of the audience.

In 2019, YouTube led the pack in terms of viewership but the major shift took place in 2020, and that was when TikTok reigned supreme and continues to stand as the market leader.

This year, the difference in averages between both of these groups is more remarkable than ever. And the report even went into the specifics of certain countries like the US, the United Kingdom, and Spain too.

We know that YouTube isn’t finding this information new and that’s one of the major reasons why leading tech giants like Meta, Snap, and Google are all following TikTok’s footsteps and promoting more short-form content like Reels and Shorts to get more engagement and it’s working.

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