Instagram Creators Can Now Publish Posts That Are Solely Restricted To Paid Subscribers

As the old saying goes, nothing in life comes for free and it seems to be Instagram’s new motto as the company CEO recently unveiled a unique feature for its content creators.

According to Adam Mosseri, users of the platform will now have to pay up, or else they won’t be given the chance to see some of the most exclusive Reels and feed posts put up by their favorite creators.

The news comes after the app received a relatively slow start after launching its paid subscription plan for creators which starts as low as $0.99 and can go up to $100!

Instagram announced the new launch today which is being rolled out as we speak. The company says this is just the start as it plans on making creators’ lives better and more worthwhile on the app through such initiatives.

It’s also a great decision being released in lieu of the competition received by fellow archrival Twitter who is also trying to make the most of its paid subscriptions with exclusive features for subscribers.

Mosseri added that he hopes to transform the Instagram platform into one that’s the best location online where creators can make a great living for themselves. Additionally, he revealed that such changes are only taking place after the platform received direct feedback from its users.

This was stated to be one of the leading demands of users on the app who have been waiting for creators to be given the priority that they feel they deserve for their hard work and efforts related to the content published on the app. And with this new update, we’re seeing that their prayers are finally getting answered.

Previously, creators were given the chance to take advantage of the same exclusive feature for their Stories but seeing the change expand to feed posts is definitely a change that is being welcomed by many creators as it gives them a better chance to earn through subscriptions.

After being a subscriber, you get allotted a purple-toned badge that shows you are supporting a particular influencer.

It is also being revealed that creators can also choose to go live exclusively with their subscribers, other than restrict their posts and stories to only their paying members.

Instagram says it’s launching another functionality today that allows for them to carry on with exclusive group DM chats that can include nearly 30 subscribers in one season.

With time, we’ve seen the platform really take its subscription launch to new heights of success in such a short span of time. There are so many creators in the US that are attaining benefits but the app’s CEO acknowledged how the time had come to work harder and bring the features to other regions as well.

For now, Instagram is super excited about the rollout of its features today and can’t wait to see user feedback on the decision.

In other news, the social media giant also appears to be busy on another feature that would entail full-screen feeds. But we won’t be seeing that occur until a few more months down the line.

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