Apple's iPhone 13 is doing better than ever, while the smartphone market sees a continuous fall

Apple's continued success is a credit to its top-rated iPhone 13 series. As you may know, Apple was doing well before, and now, with the anticipated release of the iPhone 14 products, they'll see even greater success in the smartphone market. On the other hand, all other companies seem to be doing much worse than Apple.

Wallstreet Analysts have reported that Apple has ranked first in the premium market in the first quarter of 2022 with flying colors. Also, the company ranked second globally in the case of general sales. In the same vein, Reuter has reported two supply chain sources saying that Apple is doing much better in sales than other companies.

One of the sources highlights how shipments for July were a third greater than those of last year. This is a bit unusual considering that in July and August, sales stop because consumers wait for the upcoming products from Apple. These upcoming products are commonly released in September, negatively impacting the previous month's sales. When talking about shipment, iPhone 13 seems to be doing very well in general sales.

One of the reasons there hasn't been a significant impact on sales due to the upcoming release of the iPhone 14 is because Apple hasn't marketed many extraordinary features that may incite users to purchase them. Even if it's titled the iPhone 14, it contains the same features as the iPhone 13, and the consumers know this. iPhone 14's microprocessor, design and camera functionalities are identical to iPhone 13. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro is seeing a lot of new features such as a new processor, new design, and improved camera functionality.

Furthermore, Reuters has said that iPhone 13's recent success may very well be attributed to China's increase in demand. As we know, Apple's sales in China were poorly affected by the pandemic. But now, with the lockdowns ending, China is seeing a surge in demand for iPhone and Apple products. This is one of the big reasons why Apple is doing so well in the global smartphone market.

Wall Street analysts have argued that the shipments could be affected, and we might see a slight decline in iPhone 13 shipments. That said, the iPhone would still be doing better than its rival companies.

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