WhatsApp Will Soon Be Launching Message Reporting On Desktop And Captions For Documents

WhatsApp is believed to be busy working on a new array of updates for the app and thanks to Wabetainfo, we’re bringing the news straight to you.

For starters, WhatsApp is experimenting with a new option that allows users to continue reporting certain texts through Desktop.

The feature is currently under development for users on desktops but in case it rings a bell, well, that’s because it was already released for Android and iOS users last year.

The company is believed to be trialing the new report for the desktop option, which would soon arise as a part of the new update in the future.

When users click on the Report tab after seeing a particular text, they’ll be able to choose if they wish to report it on their desktop WhatsApp. These are the exact same rules that apply to both iOS and Android users.

Remember, only a specific message can be reported and sent off to the app’s management team which will further review and process the command.

As you can tell, this feature is very different from that seen for reporting a particular contact as it provides more clarity for moderation teams at understanding the context at hand.

Next up, WhatsApp is said to be working on providing support to users for document captions.

This means users can soon avail the feature of adding captions for any documents that are shared. Moreover, this new update will be soon launched in the future and is said to be for all users, including Android, iOS, and desktops.

It’s quite clear that WhatsApp is working hard on improving features related to documents. Remember, previously we saw the app allow users to share documents that went as far as being 2GB.

Now, the app is believed to be working hard on more improvements by letting users incorporate captions to docs, right before they get shared with others.

Therefore, in case you’re wondering what’s the benefit of this? Well, you’ll definitely find it so much easier now to add retrieve lost documents by simply searching for the title in the search bar.

Not only does that save time but adds organization and convenience for users too.

From what we’ve seen so far, the interface is identical to what we’ve witnessed for media file sharing so it’s quite simple. The only difference now is that you’ll be given a text field where you can add a particular caption.

So we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for both of these useful features and share any news we get with you so stay tuned!

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