According to a survey, many people don’t know what the Metaverse is, and the people who can define it are few

The online content creators are at the epicenter of every social media app out there whether it be TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Since the whole concept of the Metaverse is that it will replace real-world interactions for everything ranging from Education to social interaction to Office work, it will likely take over the online endorsement industry also.

Creator Marketing is currently playing a huge role in the success of most brands as many of them are currently getting their products endorsed by content creators online. In a new study, a marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy is attempting to break down and explain the opportunities for creators, Brands that the future might bring.

A new study that consisted of a total of 4,560 interviews and surveys with marketers from huge brands, consumers from those brands, and creators across the United States and the United Kingdom; the study already goes to show that the younger generation is already making use of the Metaverse technologies with 33% of GenZ respondents from the U.S. and 27% of millennials also from there are still active users of the virtual space.

However, with the Metaverse not being fully materialized and constructed yet, it is a huge space filled with different experiments and tech including some experiences that are also not fully done; so many people are still confused about it.

From the study, it was revealed that on average only 28% of U.S. respondents were able to confidently define and describe the Metaverse while 21% said that they were indecisive of their opinion on the Metaverse with another 21% saying that they were confused as to what exactly makes up the Metaverse or even what it is exactly.

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