WhatsApp tests Avatars as a part of its latest update

WhatsApp is now joining the bandwagon of the ‘Avatar’ trend and we’re not sure how we feel about it.

WhatsApp has announced multiple new updates in the Google Play Beta Program, version Among all these updates, the one that caught our attention was the development of Avatars.

The feature is still under development and will be available in the future, hopefully. Since it is still not completed, it is not even available to the Beta users just yet. We understand why the update is taking forever to complete since this is a completely new concept for WhatsApp.

What we are skeptical about is the saturation of this feature. All the big platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, and now even Facebook, have Avatars, each with its twist. Seeing the same on WhatsApp might become a little monotonous and boring. It might even receive the same backlash as in the past. When WhatsApp launched the ‘story’ feature, after it was introduced by Instagram and Messenger, with Snapchat being the primary inventor, users were not happy. This can be prevented if WhatsApp comes up with something innovative but for that, we’ll have to wait and see.

WhatsApp even claims that users will be able to use Avatars as a mask when placing video calls and use them as stickers as well in the future. All of the Avatar updates will be available under a new section that is being worked on.

When the image was launched by WhatsApp along with the update, it showed the Avatars were similar to Facebook, hence they had been connected and exported from there. Although it does lower the originality marker for us, we surely are excited to see WhatsApp take on Avatars.

Since we have no idea when it will launch, we can only sit back and speculate, hoping it will launch soon!

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