Google Is Adding A New Info To Its Photos Platform, Allowing Content To Be Categorized By When It Was Backed Up

Google has introduced a new Backed Up section to its Photos platform, allowing users to recognize photos using yet another metric.

Currently, individual photos in Google Photos are stored using a bunch of different categories and metrics. We have our usual bunch of data, file type, and file size. We even have two new categories of information: Uploaded From, which details which device uploaded a photo to the Photos account, and Shared By, which highlights which phone or account a photo was shared by. Ultimately, these are just markers via which categorization of content on the Photos platform becomes easier for users to deal with. Now, there’s a new contender to add to the mix: Backed Up.

Let’s take a tiny step back before we discuss what Backed Up means and take a look at why so many new metrics are being introduced to Photos overall. Much of this has to do with the 2021 policy changes that Google introduced to the platform. Google introduced a storage policy in which new high-quality photos being added to Photos would immediately start counting towards the free 15 GBs that a user already has at their disposal, while previously this limit was not applied to any content. This has to do with Photos’ widespread usage, which led to the tech company imposing limits to not drown in the process of providing everyone with unlimited access to HQ photo uploads. Of course, 15 GB is still a decent amount, and people can still buy more space. Yes, I know I always have something negative to offer about Google’s oft-shady practices, but this seems pretty cut and dry. No worries, however, I’m sure it’ll mess up in some way down the line, just give it a month or so.

With these new changes, and users suddenly becoming more aware of how they’d utilize storage space, it also became important to allow those very users new metrics via which photos could be kept track. That explains why pictures can now be sorted via quality and uploader data. In the spree of introducing new categorization tags, Google decided to rush right in and introduce yet another. Which is fine, honestly, you can never have enough tags for pictures, especially with 15 GBs worth of free space. There’s not much else to the feature, and it’s been rolling out across Android and iOS for a while now. Check your Photos account out, and you’ll probably find the new Backed Up tag right underneath Uploaded From.

H/T: 9to5G

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