WhatsApp has made one new improvement to the app and is working on another

When the covid-19 virus struck the world two years ago, many people were forced into quarantine in whatever place they were in without their family. Naturally, people looked for ways to stay connected with their friends and family. Whatsapp was one of those solutions.

Now every app needs updates to further provide services to its consumers and keep them interested and WhatsApp is no exception to this. Whatsapp is working on two new features to be released in WhatsApp beta.

When we see stories on Instagram and have a particular reaction that we want the user who posted the story to see, we have the option to send quick replies in the form of Emojis, and this is exactly our first feature. WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to send quick replies with a variety of Emojis.

At first, the feature was available on the beta desktop version of the app but with the new WhatsApp beta Android update, the feature was seen in the mobile version as well. According to a screenshot, WhatsApp will be introducing 8 Emojis that would be used to send replies to statuses as it is done with Instagram stories.

The Emojis will include the Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Face with Tears of Joy, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, Folded Hands, Clapping Hands, Party Popper, and Hundred Points. They will be sent to the user and will pop up on their screen when they open the chat. The feature is still under development so we don’t know when WhatsApp is planning to release the feature but we are hoping it will be soon.

This brings us to our second feature, unlike the first one this feature is already out and about in the world, what is this feature you might be wondering well this feature is not a feature but a small update to the gallery section.

As seen in a screenshot WhatsApp has completely redesigned the gallery view that you get when you click on a photo someone has sent. According to WABetaInfo this new update bears many similarities to the WhatsApp desktop app and is alright to use. It does not crash and hang leaving users with a smooth user experience.

That is not all as some Beta testers have reported that they have seen a much more improved version of the app and that most of the new stickers that weren’t available on the desktop version are also synced now.

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