Whatsapp new update will enable users to send a voice note on their status

With the new Whatsapp updates coming right and left, many people always wait in anticipation so that they can get their hands on the latest WhatsApp updates about to come. The type of updates under development are making users excited for what's about to come in their WhatsApp app. Google Play Beta Program is what's behind these updates and Android version will be the first one to experiment with those updates.

What's new on Whatsapp? We are going to tell you about it. In short, Whatsapp is trying out a feature that will enable users to send a voice note on their status. The update will be available for beta users first and they will be able to see a microphone button on the bottom right part of the status page. Upon clicking the button, users will be able to record the voice note and share it on their status.

Just like pictures and written statuses, you will also get to ensure your privacy on this voice note status. The status will be end-to-end encrypted just like other statuses and you will be able to update your WhatsApp family about everything by your voice note. That's a great update for people who do not excel in writing and for also deaf and dumb people who can listen to your status as well as update you about theirs.

WhatsApp always looks for its users' wants and then works to give them useful features. For now, we do not know when this update will be a part of WhatsApp permanently as WhatsApp still has not said a word about it and also because this status update is under development. But we are hopeful that real soon this update will be up for you to use. Right now we just have to wait and see. WhatsApp has a long way to go with its users so it might as well make this ride more fun and memorable. Hold tight, as the new updates that are coming will make your experience delightful.

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