WhatsApp Launches New Beta Version Of Its macOS App And Rolls Out Reactions For iOS Users

WhatsApp is bringing forward a series of exciting launches for iOS users and these include a new beta version of its macOS app and the ability for iOS users to finally react to messages.

For starters, It appears that WhatsApp is getting one step closer to staying true to its promise of designing a universal app that would benefit both iPad and Mac users. And this can be seen with the launch of its new beta version of macOS.

The app is reported to be created using the best Catalyst technology. This means Apple’s Mac users will finally be able to gain access to the app through this new macOS app.

It’s important to note how the new app is thoroughly based on the classic WhatsApp web. Similarly, the company announced how it gains support from an Electron Framework too.

The Catalyst technology seems to be the one to bridge the gap for both Apple iPad and Mac WhatsApp users and it’s clear that stage one has been achieved. Now, we’re just waiting for the same release for iPad users too.

The news was first reported by WABetaInfo who claims the new app not only looks great but is also stated to run quite smoothly across the devices that it’s been aligned with.

As you can expect, the new app is very different in appearance from the classic desktop WhatsApp as this one is solely designed for Apple’s iPhone users.

Therefore, the old app can bid farewell as many complained of its slow working and how it consumed so much memory as well as CPU.

Some users at 9to5Mac did manage to get their hands on the new app first and they claim there’s a new sidebar option too that gives you access to similar tabs like before like chats, archived, calls, starred, and the good old and handy settings option.

But at the same time, some features were called out for failing to work properly but we feel that would be fixed in no time considering the launch happened only recently and also because this new feature is an early or Beta version.

Remember, the new app isn’t a standalone feature and that means you still need to link it up with your Apple iPhone or any other device that carries your personal account on the app.

In case you happen to be super excited to get on board and try this new feature, well, don’t sweat. You can always sign up through TestFlight but do keep in mind that there are some very limited slots.

For now, we’re not quite sure when the launch for all will take place but we’ll surely keep you updated.

Moving on, WhatsApp has finally decided to roll out its reactions to message features for iOS users. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was a long time coming.

The new Reactions 2.0 functionality allows users to select any emoji of their preference which they can use to respond to a message conveniently. This is available for both single chats as well as groups.

We first saw the launch of this feature roll out in May where only six different emojis had been included. But now, the app appears to be very keen on following in the footsteps of Instagram as users can select an emoji of their preference.

Remember, the launch took place today and that means it could be a while before all users get their hands on the new functionality so as always, patience is of the essence.

Users can decide to alter their reactions to others, very similar to how it's done on the Instagram app. All they need to do is long-press that message and click to change into the emoji of their choice. To remove it, simply press on the same one.

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