WhatsApp is extending the time limit to delete messages for everyone while offering a new context menu for Windows users

The Meta-owned instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has been working on a number of new projects for its platform.

According to the latest blog posted by WABetainfo, the developers have recently shared two different beta updates for a selected number of users. The first update has been named “new time limit”. This version focuses on an extended duration of time for messages to be removed for everyone.

Initially, the delivered message could be removed for everyone within 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds, but now the duration has been expanded to a whopping two days and twelve hours. The blog revealed that the new limit was initially planned when the update was announced five years back in 2017. Back in November 2021, rumors began to surface that the time limit might get an extension. And as of July 1st, 2022, it has been officially confirmed by WhatsApp that the new update will follow an extended time limit. A similar update is also under process, which will let group admins delete any message from anyone in their group. However, not many details have been shared by the developers for this update.

The beta version has been released for some Android users and could take a while before it reaches everyone.

Meanwhile, the other update is for Windows users. The update has been named “new context menu”. This new version will provide its users with a new context menu featuring new options.

According to the screenshot posted on the blog, the new menu will offer options such as bold, italic, or brackets whenever a text is selected. However, one drawback has been identified for this version. The drawback is that the user will face difficulties while fixing their incorrect words as the updated context menu won’t be offering suggested words. Since it is just a beta version, it can be expected that the issue might get resolved in future updates.

The beta version is currently available for users who install their updates from the Microsoft store, and soon it will be available for all web users.

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