A Sneak Peek into The Latest Update of Beta WhatsApp for the Android Versions

WhatsApp, the biggest social messaging giant, tests new features for android users in its recent update, reports WABI.

WhatsApp's beta version shows that the platform is looking forward to releasing new customizable and manageable avatars that would be applicable while placing the video calls over the internet.

In 2017, the app released its unique set of emojis that every user could use, and now its main focus is to transform emojis simultaneously with the video call feature. Now, after this update, android WhatsApp users will be able to use, manage, and customize the avatars during a video call.

Currently, the feature of sending avatars over video calls isn't available to any of the competitors of WhatsApp. An added feature of this update is that the users will be able to create and customize their avatars by launching the avatar editor function that would be released with the new update.

According to the various available screenshots, there will be a new option named 'Switch to Avatar' that would be seen with the video call. Right now, the feature will not be working as the development is under update and it is still not available to all the beta testers of WhatsApp.

With this new update and added features, the app will be more interesting and appealing to use. This future update also hints that the company is internally working on its alternative bitmojis and memojis. Furthermore, with this new and advanced feature, WhatsApp aims to attract an ample volume of users in its socio-culture environment. In 2022, over 2 billion people actively use WhatsApp and the app aims to add spice by launching new features and advanced updates that would create fun for users.

Regarding the new update, WhatsApp also urges to share the same update with the iOS users as there are ample users of WhatsApp iOS too. The iOS update will also be sharing the same features where people will be able to switch different avatars and stickers during the video call. Also, just like android updates, they will be able to customize and manage the avatars according to their choice.

WhatsApp has announced and hinted the various updates about its ecosystem, advancement in video calls, and many more, but to date, an official date has not been announced and it is still kept a mystery for many of its users.

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