Google is working on a new E-Signature feature for Docs and here is how it looks

In this rapidly progressing world of technology everything in our daily lives is changing, things that needed to be done with hand can be done with great accuracy on our computers/smartphones. This very change marks that the way we do office work has to change too, and this change has happened. Nowadays, we see meetings being done online and deals that the future of the company depends on be done with just a digital signature of a piece of paper that isn’t even real.

In the past if we wanted to sign a document digitally then we would have needed to look for apps or websites that provided those options, and more often than not those websites or apps would need subscriptions to work which was a real pain. Then looking for free trials even worse, but the real danger was that under the pretense of subscription your credit card info might be stolen.

Those problems have now been solved by Google Docs, who have just released that they soon will have the support for e-signature within the app itself. Google Docs will soon give its users the ability to request an electronic signature from someone in a document. This will be done with the help of two new fields in the Doc: a Signature field that will allow the users to sign the document and a Date signed field for recording the date it was signed.

Once the contract is readied and reviewed, one party can request the other for a signature or date by adding either one or both of these fields and after the signature is done a copy will be e-mailed to both of the parties. If you need multiple copies of the same contract that would be signed by many people, then fear not as there is an option that will let you create many copies of the same contract.

This feature according to Google will be firstly released as a bets feature but soon will roll out properly.

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