WhatsApp Is Adding Quick Replies To Its PC App, And Is Testing Out New Time Limits For Deleting Messages Across iOS Platform

WhatsApp is bringing its quick reply feature to the PC and is also testing out a new time limit for deleting content on the platform.

Quick replies are probably one the best features that WhatsApp introduced to its interface in recent times, with Stickers being a stand-out exception. Honestly, the perfect update for me would just be one in which I can send a Sticker to my friends via a quick reply message. This feature harnesses an understanding of how our busy day-to-day lives often clash with the constant requirement of tech usage, and sometimes it’s difficult replying to a message while handling a million other things via smartphone.

Quick replies, which started in WhatsApp around the end of 2021, make it so that a user can reply to a notification. Essentially, anytime your phone sends a notification of someone’s message, you can reply right there and then use the notification box instead of abandoning your current work and opening up the WhatsApp interface. It’s also an easy enough feature to get used to, with the social media platform prompting users to reply to notifications as well.

With WhatsApp has become a commonly used application across PCs as well as smartphones, it only makes sense to have quick replies being featured across all platforms. Finally, that’s exactly what’s happening: WhatsApp’s latest beta, 2.2227.2.0 (what an intuitive and easy-to-grasp name), is now adding quick replies to the downloadable app. The beta can be accessed via the Microsoft app store and functions exactly like the feature’s smartphone iteration. This will make PC-oriented online work much easier, with users responding to important messages without having to abandon their current trajectory.

However, this isn’t the only latest beta hitting the streets, nor is this the only new feature out for testing. WhatsApp beta (I understand nothing except for 22 perhaps representing the current year), currently only available to select iOS users, introduces longer time limits for deleting messages. The current typical time limit is approximately 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds; however, certain iPhone users will instead encounter a new limit that even extends to 2 days. Times are reportedly different from user to user but are universally greater than the current boundaries. It’s more likely than not a way for WhatsApp to assess which time limits evoke the best reactions amongst users, which means we may not see this feature being implemented for a while.

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