Report Claims That Windows 12 Is Expected To Launch In 2024

A Windows Central report claims that we might be seeing the new Windows OS, Windows 12, by 2024.

Windows 11 is currently hip and trending right now; it took Microsoft some time with the operating software taking off, but that’s sort of the norm for most iterations of the OS. Windows 10 took a long while to get to its current popularity, what with Windows 7 still being installed across the world. It has to do with a general disdain for upgrading: shifting to a new OS requires that your device be rendered out of commission until the update is fully downloaded and installed, and people are already used to the old system and don’t want to leave the familiar ground to figure out the new one’s kinks and additions.

Then again, more often than not these new environments come with their massive advantages, and can be worth the wait. Otherwise, we’d still be running on a Nokia 3310, and cruising the net on a Windows 98 PC with Internet Explorer and America Online. I can almost hear the modem’s ear-piercingly loud tone, what a time to be alive.

At any rate, this headline comes off as surprising since Microsoft doesn’t sound like it’s done with Windows 10 as of yet. On the contrary, Sun Valley 3 was just recently confirmed to be launched as a major update to Windows 11, introducing new features and whatnot. However, the Windows Central report, published by Zac Bowden, states that Microsoft has canceled the upcoming Sun Valley 3 update, and is instead setting its sights much further across the horizon. According to Bowden, the tech giant’s new direction involves developing and publishing Windows 12, effectively attempting to overtake Windows 11.

The Windows Central article states that this new addition to the company’s OS library is expected to launch around 2024. The timeline matches up with old launch schedules as well, with Microsoft releasing a new iteration of the software every three years or so.

Whether or not this claim will come to fruition is still up in the air. Leakers can be wrong, and Windows has yet to officially cancel Sun Valley 3, let alone announce Windows 12. To be completely honest, we have no clue as to whether or not the OS will even be named Windows 12, as Microsoft might want to change the nomenclature. All will be seen in the coming years, by which time perhaps everyone will finally have moved on from Windows 10 to 11, starting the cycle anew.

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